Debrecen is entering a new phase: the complex development program called Debrecen 2030, which is accepted by the Hungarian government means scaling up also as regards the fields of economic and transport development, education, culture, urban growth and sustainable region – said the mayor of the city at the press conference introducing the details of the program, on 18 June 2020.

László Papp recalled: the government brought a decision on providing 48.3 billion HUF as development resource for the first phase of the project until 2023, which is the program preparation period, and agreed on all the program elements. László Palkovics, Minister for Innovation and Technology, told MTI (Hungarian News Agency) earlier at the official announcement of the program on 9 June 2020 that the total resource estimates of the development program were 600 billion HUF. László Papp noted in that context that the government had decided to provide finances of almost 50 billion HUF for the first program phase, and would come to a decision on the scheduling of further resources later. The Municipality of Debrecen is to contribute an annual 1.5 billion HUF to the developments from its own resources, but it also intends to implement more investments and obtain domestic sources from tenders in the next EU budgetary cycle.



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