Enterprise Europe Network

Enterprise Europe Network is the European Union’s only enterprise development network, primarily designed to help SMEs expand their international relationships and find out about opportunities in the common market. It is comprised of nearly 600 European business development organisations in more than 60 countries.

Business development consultancy:

  • Tailor-made corporate consultancy in person, by email or telephone through the advisers of Enterprise Europe Network.
  • Obtaining general economic, cultural, and market information that supports foreign market activities, contacting and offering institutions that are competent in professional matters.
  • Helping to prepare a unique action plan that promotes access to foreign markets or reinforces presence in foreign markets, using the needs and plans assessed.
  • Providing export market information.
  • Organising international events, including trade shows, conferences, courses, business meetings, and professional study trips.
  • International tender monitoring.
  • Export boosting programs and tenders.
  • Clusters and consortium collaborations.

Mediating foreign and domestic business offers to entrepreneurs:

  • Publishing and forwarding authentic current business offers and opportunities.
  • Granting access to business offers available in the Chamber.

Mediating the business offers of county entrepreneurs abroad:

  • Forwarding the business offers of our entrepreneurs to representative offices and chambers.
  • Organising professional presentations and conferences on topics affecting business professionals.

Organising business meetings in and outside Hungary:

  • Organising business meetings for domestic and international enterprises, company presentations and business meetings in Hungary.
  • Organising business meetings abroad for companies and enterprises in the County, in association with fairs, trade shows, and factory visits.

Participation at domestic and international fairs and expos:

  • Promoting the participation of exhibitors at international fairs and expos (organised by local and national chambers and associated organisations).

Seeking business partners:

  • Forwarding international business offers in the partner search database of Enterprise Europe Network to entrepreneurs in the County.
  • Monitoring queries submitted and promoting cooperation.
  • Export market information.
  • International events: expos, conferences, courses, business professional meetings, and professional study trips.

Uploading company profiles to the Enterprise Europe Network database:

Uploading the enterprise’s unique English presentation material (business or technological profile) to the Enterprise Europe Network database.

Innovation consultancy:

Using the IMP3rove analytical software to survey the enterprise’s innovation potential, identify development areas, and providing analysis findings.


Sending out a newsletter to members of the Enterprise Europe Network members about current news, tender opportunities, business professional meetings, professional trips, and courses.

For more information on the Network please visit: een.ec.europa.eu

Fekete-Simonyi Réka

Head of Department for International Affairs
+36 52 500 727
+36 20 937 3308

Kőrösi Vanda

EEN regional manager
+36 52 500 725
+36 20 268 9048

Borbély-Pintye Alexandra

EEN consultant
+36 52 500 714
+36 20 357 9870

Lipcsey Ágnes

Foreign Affairs Assistant / EEN consultant
+36 52 688 710
+36 30 199 1690