The government has decided to launch a programme aimed at providing companies with a wage subsidy to promote job creation, a state secretary at the innovation and technology ministry, told an online press conference on Monday.

Sándor Bodó said that the programme, using a budget of 80 billion forints (EUR 226m), will facilitate the employment of some 70,000 people.

Outlining the programme, Bodó said that participating companies could receive the subsidy for 6 months and would be expected to continue employing their staff for another 3 months. Employers will receive an amount of up to 200,000 forints per month, which will increase wages by 112,000 forints, the state secretary said.

The programme is part of the government’s economy protection plan.

In late April, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán promised that whoever does not get a job offer from the market after 3 months of unemployment benefits will receive it from the state.



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