Stricter travel restrictions were put in place last weekend in order to control how freely people can travel to Hungary. Now only those who went on business trips to a selected list of countries can return to the country unrestricted.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán recently called on the coronavirus operative board to implement stricter border restrictions for people travelling outside of Europe, even in the cases of business related travel.

The prime minister’s reasoning behind this is that if dangerous mutations such as the South-African variant of the coronavirus are brought home from abroad, he says “we’re done.”

Previously, any Hungarian citizen who travelled abroad could return to Hungary without travel restrictions if they could prove that they went on a business trip.

These rules have now been changed in two ways.

The first new regulation provided on Saturday states that only those returning from a European Union members state, a member of the European Economic Area, or a citizen of the United Kingdom can avoid restrictions such as quarantine.

The government added other countries to this list in a second decree provided on Monday.

The second regulation includes the non-EU and non-EEA countries from which Hungarian citizens can return without restrictions. They include the United States, China, Russia, India, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, South Korea, Turkey, Ukraine, Singapore, Bahrein, and the United Arab Emirates.

The citizens or people living for more than 90 days in the countries included in these two decrees can also travel to Hungary without restrictions, but only for business and economic purposes.

Such coronavirus regulations are in place until March 15 and are sure to be extended for at least another month after that.

All coronavirus related restrictions have now been in place for six months.




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