As the number of people who have received at least the first dose of the vaccine against the Covid-19 virus passed 5.5 million on Friday, further restrictions have been removed in Hungary. According to the latest measures, and with a few exceptions, wearing a face mask is no longer mandatory in Hungary. There are also fewer establishments where immunity certificates are required.

Details of Hungary’s eased Covid restrictions, which take effect on July 3rd, Saturday, include:

  • Face masks are no longer mandatory, with the exception of hospitals and the premises of social institutions. However, anyone can wear a face mask if they choose to.
  • Immunity certificates are no longer required at restaurants, accommodations, recreational facilities, cultural events, and performances with pre-booked seats.
  • In stores, maintaining distance and limiting the number of customers is no longer required.
  • The number of participants allowed at private and family events has been increased from 50 to 100, and from 200 to 400 for weddings.
  • For sports, music, and dance events, as well as indoor or outdoor events with more than 500 participants, the previous regulations (restriction on the number of participants, the requirement of immunity cards) remain in force. Minors are only allowed to attend these events with a valid immunity certificate or under the supervision of a protected person.


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